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Meet Brenda Patterson, our Founder. Brenda upholds a reputation of tenacity, passion and fearlessness. She has recruited for nonprofit organizations such as American Society Regional Anesthesia, National Association Campus Activities, Indiana Constructors, American Welding Society, LAM Foundation, Tri Sigma, Sigma Sorority, Academy Model Aeronautics among others. Her award-winning experience includes 30 years as a recruiter, membership in the Pinnacle Society (a consortium of 75 of the top recruiters in the country), and President of the Indiana Search and Staffing Association.

A Piece of Our History (Brenda’s Story)

I began working as a recruiter in 1988. In 1994, my six-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. In 2006, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was overwhelmed with fear, pain, and anger. I was not going to allow this to control me. Through countless hours and nights of vigorous research, I found Dr. Steve Shak, the discoverer of Pulmozyme, and Frank DeFord, esteemed CF advocate and author of Alex: The Life of a Child, whose daughter had died of CF at the age of eight. Their advice changed the trajectory of my life:

Become an advocate for my children..

Learn everything possible about CF..

Raise money for the CF Foundation and hold them accountable..

Follow scientific advancements by knowing the appropriate medical companies..

Find the best doctors and insist on a first-name relationship..

Take my skills as a recruiter to the biotech industry, because evangelists make great recruiters..

I took their advice, and JBK Search was born. I’ve built a company based on my passion – recruiting and placing professional in the medical and nonprofit industries. – Biotech, Biopharmaceutical, Molecular Diagnostics and Nonprofit.

I’ve broken many records in recruiting. I’ve been a member of the prestigious Pinnacle Society, and president of the Indiana Search and Staffing Association. I’ve trained numerous top 10 recruiters. Although I’m grateful and humbled, these accolades don’t matter to me. I’m looking for results that enable my candidates and clients to work together to reach their goals and missions. That’s what gets me out of bed early in the morning and keeps me at my desk long after dark. Recruiting is not just a job; it’s a way to use my talents and skills to make a difference. Thus, my company offers a unique commitment, skill set, and talent no one else can.

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Why Choose JBK Search?

JBK Search has been a leader in providing recruiting services to start-up, small, medium and Fortune 500 companies since 1999. We partner with our clients to build strong long-term relationships and gain an in-depth understanding of their needs. We act as an extension of our client’s team to source, attract, screen, present, prepare, interview and debrief hard to find candidates.


We guarantee our placements. Our one-year industry-leading guarantee ensures client satisfaction.


We are passion driven. Providing organizations with high energy and momentum to build a strong connection.


We offer a performance-based fee structure. The final fee payment is based upon successful completion of our search.

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Mission. Vision. Values.


We help organizations grow by making powerful connections.


Enriching your organization by building relationships that will create your brightest future.


BK Search is a team committed to achieving the hiring goals of our clients. We respect and remain flexible to the vast changes in each industry we serve.

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